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A Centering Psalm – When Tossed on the Storms of Life. (by Virginia Saldanha

Our loving and LIFE giving Creator God,
You want us to live our Life to its fullest
You sent us Jesus to teach us how,
You make your Life-giving Spirit ever present to us
To help us live in Joy and Peace….
Alas! I find myself restless, searching for true happiness
In affluence, in the highs of partying and pleasure.

I forget your teaching and live in my own little world
Of selfishness, excluding and hurting others in the process.
My human frailty gets the better of me,
I think because I am adult I can make a path of my own towards happiness
But happiness seems to elude me -
I choose my self-seeking ways
Only to find myself sinking deeper into unhappiness
I continue to go down this path till I find myself in despair.

Thankfully! Your loving Spirit continues to seek me and bring me back to your path,
However I fail to discern the voice of your Spirit and flounder.
It is only in sincere prayer that I find consolation,
And strength to see myself honestly,
Confidence to realize that
To be an adult is a responsibility
Not a stage for freedom to do what I want.

I find myself in a struggle with myself.
A struggle to take care of my own interest in a world that promotes the self over others.
I find it hard to go against the tide –
To be a ‘misfit’ in a society that values ‘having’ over ‘being’
To seek the well being of others over my own.
It is Prayer that helps me find the path to wholeness
It challenges my selfishness.

My God, it is so easy to forget
That it is you who cares for my well-being.
Help me to remember that
As long as I care for others,
As long as I work to bring justice,
Forgiveness, reconciliation, joy and peace.
I make myself whole.

Help me God to see that my happiness lies in building right relationships -
Relationships that are supportive and life-giving
To the young, to those who feel alone or abandoned.
Relationships that are based on equality and human dignity
Relationships that leave no one behind, no one excluded,
No one hungry for love, care or basic material needs,
With you as our loving and caring Creator God.

Finally, help me God to realize that it is me who makes you present to this world
To the extent I stay on your path I will make this world better,
To the extent I show others your path to happiness I spread the network of true happiness.
Help me God to stay on your path,
Let prayer be my constant link – my GSM to you!
So that my own stability and strength is ensured
To keep myself completely centered in you!

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