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Now that it is 2012 and Ecclesia of Women in Asia has a new Coordinating Team that is looking forward to the excitement of bringing together all our positive energies and voices for the renewal and transformation of the Church that we love, members are invited to share their thoughts, wisdom, and creativity by posting their papers, articles, prayers, reflections, poems, stories, and other writings which can be published on-line without violating copyright laws.


To post, click on the "+Add" tab at the upper right hand corner of all forum discussion pages or the "+ Add a Discussion" link under the list of Forum posts in the EWA Homepage. Don't be afraid to give these links a try. You can always delete posts that you don't like.


Our website's 4 main forum sections below can be used as a guide to the kind of material that will be welcome for on-line publication in



Theological papers, Bible commentaries, feminist theology, Apologetics, Church issues, women's issues in relation to the Church


Material for worship/ prayer/ reflections/ retreats, also for positive, spiritual aspects of being Church


Free Space for Eve Thoughts, Creative Writing, and Informal Writing


Women, Country, and World Issues, Country Reports


Here's a page with more detailed instructions on how to add a forum discussion.


Here's a page that shows you how to add pictures to a forum discussion.


Because this is an organization's website, all posts are subject to moderation (sorry if you don't like this part) . Even if approved for posting, all posts are subject to the disclaimer that these express only the views and opinions of the authors and do not reflect the stand of EWA as an organization. 


One last point: ours is an imperfect world and many of us work with or have to co-exist with the Church hierarchy, seminaries, religious congregations, and other institutions that do not look kindly at reformers who are too noisy or too aggressive. Bear this in mind when you write and if your post is not approved for on-line publication, do not be too disappointed. 

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