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Dear friends,

Recent calls for papal denunciation of SSPX Bishop Williamson's anti-Semitism and public proclamations that anti-Semitism are incompatible with Catholic faith are encouraging. They are a sign we are living in interesting times... an enlightened and increasingly well informed Sensus Fidelium is speaking out.

Recent events are prompting this call action. Please consider supporting and endorsing the Petition in Support of Vatican II. It was recently initiated in Europe and asks the Pope to take up dialogue with those who support Vatican II.

Information about the Petition is here:

The link to the endorsement page is here:

This Petition "For the full recognition of the decrees of the Second Vatican Council" is now available in 14 languages and has become a great international success within a very short time. The Petition emphasises not only the Auxiliary Bishop Williamson and his denying of the Holocaust, but alsothe full recognition of the decrees of the Second Vatican Council.

Especially now, this positive approach of the Petition is getting more and more important, as several authorities are now trying to downplay this scandal. Organisers are aiming at an international snowball effect. So please forward this petition to as many people as possible (at work, university, church community, friends and relatives) and ask them to endorse it and to forward it as well.

Many thanks for your strong and enduring support.

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I had this word from Petition organisers. Could you please send the note at the end of this post to membership along with a reminder that link to the endorsing page is here: Please endorse!




If there are any problems with confirmation of your signatures, please, send your name and data to . We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

We will present the signatures received until now to the German Bishop's Conference on March 3, in Hamburg. The international presentation might be on April 17 in Rome.

Kind regards

C h r i s t i a n W e i s n e r
"Petition Vaticanum2"

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