Ecclesia of Women in Asia

Forum of Asian Catholic Women Theologians

The 21st Century Woman Still Claiming Her Space: Asian Feminist Theological Perspectives

Mary Ridge, Good Shepherd Convent, Tagaytay City,  Philippines     Date: 21-25 January 2016


January 21 P.M.

5:00             Welcome/Introduction

6:00             Dinner

7:30             Opening Liturgy


January 22, A.M.

6:15             Breakfast
7:00             Leave for videoconferencing venue

8:00-9:00     Videoconferencing:

                   MARY MEE-YIN YUEN (HongKong),
                   Between National and Local Identity: Possibility of Solidarity between Women of Hong Kong and Mainland China
                   MARGARET DEVADOSS (India)
                   Spirituality and Psychological Well-being of Women Living with HIV/AIDS

                   Response: NONTANDO HADEBE(South Africa)

9:15             Return 

10:00           Break

10:30-12:00 Keynote Speaker: MARY JOHN MANANZAN, OSB (Philippines)


January 22, P.M.


                    CHO HEE JUNG (South Korea)

                    Voice of the Voiceless: Influence of Confucianism in Women’s Status in the Asian Roman Catholic Theology and Lonergan’s Self-Appropriation


                    YU, HAE SOOK  (South Korea)

                    Reflection of Female Perspectives on an Emergency Contraceptive Pill 


                     SIPHIM XAVIER (Thailand)

                     Mission History of Women in Thailand: Socio Political Liberation of the Poor


5:00-6:30     Keynote Speaker: NONTANDO HADEBE (South Africa)


6:30             Dinner


8:00-8:30     Sharing of 2 new Ph.D. Graduates


January 23, A.M.


9:00             Leave for Amadeo

10:00           Dialogue with ECHOStore’s PACITA JUAN, a Social Entrepreneur

who empowers women. A field-day at their Amadeo Farm.


January 23, P.M.


2:30-4:00     Plenary Session 2


                    VIRGINIA SALDANHA (India) and LISA ISHERWOOD (United Kingdom)

                    Breaking the Silence for LGBT People in India/Asia


                    HELEN C. ROMERO (Philippines)

                    The image of the Santo Niño:  from Folk Devotion to Post-colonial Christian Theology


                    SHARON BONG (Malaysia)

                    The Feminist Praxis of Talitha Kum Southeast Asia: Combatting Trafficking in Persons to Realising Human Dignity


4:00-4:30     Break


4:30-6:00     Plenary Session 3


                  DONA SANCTIS, BS (India)

                  Magnificat - Mary’s Song of Revolution: A Pedagogy for Women’s empowerment in India


                  PAULINE CHAKKALAKAL, DSP (India)

                  “Who will roll away the stone…?”(Mark 16:3) - A Feminist Critical Appraisal


                 KRISTINE MENESES (Philippines)

                Creatively Claiming her Space for the “Other: A Socio-rhetorical Analysis and Poststructuralist Hermeneutics of Matthew 5:39-41."


6:00             Dinner

7:30             Business Meeting (EWA members)



January 24, A.M.


7:00             Mass at the Chapel

8:00             Breakfast


9:00-10:30   Plenary Session 4


                   AMIRTHAM METTI (India)

                   EmPOWERing the Female Embodiment from Within: A Theological Path Ahead


                  MARGARET GONSALVES (India)

                  A Rejuvenating Symphony of Hope: Towards a Profound Theology of Woman based on ‘Cosmic Oneness


                  JUDY SIQUIERA (India)

                   21st Century Asian Women, Tiamat and Mary, Regaining Paradise" 


10:30-11:00  Break


11:00-12:30  Plenary Session 5


                   GENOVENA DUMAY (Philippines)

                   Dear Pope


                   STEPHANIE ANN PUEN (Philippines) RACHEL SANCHEZ (Philippines)

                   Gender, Inculturation, and the Ecclesiology of Communion in the Philippine Church and Liturgy" 


                   LEILA MAY NAIR (Malaysia)

                   Women’s Leadership in the Roman Catholic Church: Perspectives from Diverse Stakeholders in Malaysia



January 24, P.M.

12.30           Lunch

2:30             Business Meeting (EWA members)

5:00-6:00     Synthesis/Evaluation

6:00             Dinner/Cultural Fellowship/Liturgy


January 25

AM              Departure

Note: This is the tentative schedule of the conference.







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