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Hello. Thanks for being part of our Ecclesia of Women in Asia forum. Except for Betty's posts, Astrid's blog entitled "Terror in Mumbai" (Do read Astrid's first hand account. She lives next door to the Taj Mahal Hotel), and the message from EWA Coordinator Sharon, we haven't been very active here. We in the Coordinating team were busy getting everything together for the 4th conference. Now issues greater than an EWA conference have stymied our plans and we (I) am in a little bit of a daze as to how to move on because the Thai situation doesn't look like it will resolve quickly.

The fact is that we have this on-line forum and with or without the 4th conference, we could be sharing through this forum, our reflections on peace even as we are faced with events in Mumbai, Thailand, and our other countries troubled by wars and political instability.

Christmas is less than three weeks away. Sometimes it seems easier to just escape into a safe little world where we can play our Christmas songs and light up our Christmas trees.

I'm posting this note as a forum discussion that you can respond to. Or you can begin a new forum discussion on peace or advent or Christmas or terror or anything.

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