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FAQs about Ecclesia of Women in Asia and this on-line EWA Forum

Q. Who can join this on-line forum of Asian Catholic Women Theologians?

A. This on-line forum of Asian Catholic Women theologians or women doing theology is open to all . and previous participation in an EWA conference is not a requirement. Our website subscription only allows a maximum of 150 subscribers, however. Because of the limitation, new subscribers are no longer accepted.

Q. Does joining this forum make me a member of Ecclesia of Women in Asia?

Membership in this forum is not equivalent to membership in Ecclesia of Women in Asia. Only those who have participated in an EWA Conference can apply to become members of Ecclesia of Women in Asia.

Q. Who can post?
A. Members can post Forum Discussions, Blogs, or pictures but all posts have to be approved by the  moderator before they appear in the website.

Q. Where can we get copies of papers presented during the conference? Are these available through the internet?

A. We are happy to say that the papers for the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth conferences have been published and our editors are starting work on our 6th volume. To protect our publishers, soft copies of the papers are not available through the internet but abstracts or features of papers presented in earlier conferences are found in our archives and elsewhere in this site.

Q. I would like to participate in future EWA activities. How may I join?

A. We will announce future EWA activities in the events section of this website and through e-mails circulated in different organizations of women theologians or women doing theology. If you would like to be kept abreast of EWA conferences and activities, you'll be automatically included in our mailing list if you are a member of this forum.

Q. I am already a member of the yahoo group, Why should I join this new network?

A. It's the 21st century and this forum site gives EWA presence in the World Wide-Web. The website is definitely more exciting than yahoogroups as we can, through the website, exchange ideas not only with EWA friends, but with the larger cyber community. Articles, photographs, and comments that you submit also appear immediately on our webpages, making each one an instant cyber-space published author. Every person has a profile page that she/he can update as needed, making it easier for us to keep abreast of each other.

Note: If you would like to suggest other questions, please add these as comments below.

Updated August 19, 2014

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