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Our web community is 146 members strong, a good thing, and a problem. Our web hosting plan costs $19.95 and has room for only 150 members. We do not have funds for the next higher plan costing $239.95 so the Coordinating Team has agreed to screen our current subscriber list and delete inactive subscribers.

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Hi! I would like to continue as a member. Thank you

Thank you for replying, Olga. Will keep you in the subscribers' list. Wishing you all the best for this new year.


Olga Netto said:

Hi! I would like to continue as a member. Thank you

Warmest Easter greetings!

Kindly keep me as subscriber.

Thank you!

Crescencia Gabijan

Happy Easter to you too, Cresencia. I heard you and am glad that you want to stay on as a subscriber.

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