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To the Women Theologians in Asia:

The conference of the Ecclesia of Women in Asia (EWA) on “Practicing Peace: Towards an Asian Feminist Theology of Liberation,” which was originally scheduled on Dec. 5-8, 2008 was cancelled because of the closure of the Bangkok airport last December. We have re-scheduled the conference to Aug. 26-29, 2009 and are still open to receiving papers especially from Asian countries that need more representation, to wit: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, HongKong, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, . (India is already well represented in terms of number of approved participants while the Philippines is already well-represented in terms of the number of papers approved.) Take note that there was a March 6 call for papers in which it was announced that the conference was to begin August 27. Barring unforeseen circumstances and God willing, the conference is now definitely going to begin with the welcome dinner on August 26, 2009. It will end August 29 and departure of participants is August 30.

The Call for Papers/Participants is posted in another page. Please click on the link to view the Call for Papers/Participants.

Below is a list of the papers which have been scheduled for presentation:

Costa, Rosaline, Peace Building and the Role of Women.

Yuen, Mary Mee-Yin. Migrants as Neighbour: Pakistan Women in Hong Kong

Metti A., scc Retrieving the Role of Motherhood as Emissaries of Peace and Resolving Conflicts.
Mulackal, Shalini, Rituals of 'Liberation' in the Domestic Sphere of Catholic Women of Dalit Origin
Margaret Gonzalvez, Practicing Shalom: Homecoming of the Feminine

Prasetyo Murniati, Agustine Doing Peace Movement in Indonesia: Toward an Asian Feminist Theology of Liberation.

Miura, Nozomi, rscj, “Peace be with you” (Jn 20:19, 21) in the Johannine Gospel and the Disciples’ Mission of Reconciliation.

Bong, Sharon A, Practising Peace in the Narratives of GLBTQs Towards an Epistemology of the Body

Catherine, Practicing Peace: Towards an Asian Feminist Theology of Liberation.

Brazal, Agnes. “Cooking”/“Stitching” Cultures: Interculturality as a Christian Feminist Peace Praxis
Cruz, Gemma, Interrupting Normal Ways of Thinking: Resistance as a Face of Asian Women’s Struggle for Peace in the Context of Liberation.
Dionisio-Valmonte, Priscilla. How Peacebuilding Work Transformed a Person
Gallares, Judette, rc “Blessed Are the Peacemakers”: A Rereading of the Sermon on the Mount from an Asian Feminist Perspective.
Lizares-Si, Andrea (on peace and environment)

Delivera, Marini, Making a Real Change in Sri Lanka Through Practising Human Rights Following the Example of Jesus and Mary.

Tran Y-Lan, The Just War Theory in the Face of the 21st Century: a Theological Analysis and Critics from an Asian Catholic Feminist Perspective.

EWA Coordinating Team
Sharon A. Bong (Malaysia)
Andrea Lizares Si (Philippines)
Astrid Lobo Gajiwala (India)
Antoinette (Nonie) Gutzler (Taiwan)
Jeanne Peracullo (Philippines)
Agnes M. Brazal
Annette Meuthrath
Evelyn Monteiro
Virginia Saldanha

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