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March 2008 Voices of the Ecclesia of Women in Asia (from the website)

Poems and Prayers

Women Break Through the Ceiling to Freedom by Bernadeen de Silva

Morning Liturgy (January 23,2007, EWA 3) by Kochurani Abraham

Mother's Day Prayer by Julia Ong

John 20 (An Easter Poem) by Julia Ong

Poems of Grief by Shienta Aswin - My Grief The Face of Grief, Puisi Buat Mama (A Poem for Mom) Shienta Aswin

A Centering Psalm – When Tossed on the Storms of Life by Virginia Saldanha


Vagina Monologues, Anyone? by Andrea L. Si. How it is to open up about vaginas to priests, daughters, a daughter's boyfriend, a conservative mother, and an even more conservative unmarried aunt


Shadow Lives/Public Faces: Women in Taiwan. Nonie Gutzler explores how Chinese characters shape perceptions about woman’s nature, temperament and personality (a short version of the paper presented at the EWA 3 plenary meeting).

Patriarchy and Bodily Constructions of Femininity. Metti, A uses a Tamil myth to illustrate how the patriarchal system has taken control of the female body and continues to its grip on it.

Promote the Human Dignity of Women. Shalini Mulackal asks how far the Indian Church is aware of and concerned about the situation of women, how the Church understands her mission today, and what are concrete ways in which the Indian Church- dioceses and parishes can help the Indian women battle discrimination and injustice.

Theology of Womanhood: Towards a Critical Theology of Liberation. Kochurani Abraham's article on how Women becoming thinking and acting subjects and equal partners with men in all areas of life, brings a new power and fullness to human life and enhances the integrity of creation. But this calls for an on-going task of ‘searching’ and ‘finding’ of women’s identity, and with it, the kairos of women becoming true celebrants of Life!

Mission and Power. With the aid of Foucault’s theory of power, Agnes Brazal’s essay proposes a feminist re-articulation of mission as mutual empowerment of dungan. Dungan signifies both strength of character (being at home with one’s self/body) and capacity to influence others to act. In the Philippine context, this power in mutual relation, if it has to be culturally grounded “has to strive to translate the magic of big men into the magic of communities of resistance and solidarity.”

EWA News and Activities of EWA Members

"God Cannot be Female" - Echoes of EWA in Myanmar by Andrea L. Si. "God is not male," I said. "I will have to think about that again," the female doctor replied. "If you think about this 5 times, do you think you'll be able to agree?" I asked. "No, I cannot see God as anything but male," she said.

Pilgrimage to Sri-Pada - How 8 intrepid EWA theologians, among them a 200 pounder, a retired principal in her 70s, and a nun with a pronated foot climbed Adam's Peak (Sri-Pada), a mountain sacred to Sri-lankan Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. by Andrea L. Si


Letters on Female Communion Ministers and the 2006 earthquake in Yogyakarta

Tribute to Bernadeen Silva, EWA 3 host country coordinator. Bernadeen Silva, an international figure in human rights, the peace process, and women's rights in Sri-Lanka, passed away less than two weeks after she managed the nitty gritty of EWA 3. Letters from women of EWA pay tribute to her.

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