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When we celebrate Mother's Day let us pray together:

"Let us pray with the mothers in the Bible and our own mothers.

We pray with Sarah, Isaac's mother, and Abraham's wife.
Through her we have received God's favour and faithfulness.
With her we ask to be faithful to God as well.

We pray with Hagar, Ishmael's mother, Sarah's slave.
Through her we know God will never abandon us.
With her we will always trust in God.

We pray with Mary, Jesus' mother.
Through her we learn to live the will of God.
With her we learn to say "Yes" to God everyday.

We pray with our own mother.
Through her we experience one particular gift of God.
(pause to reflect)
With her we thank God for that gift.

We pray for forgiveness for our mother.
For she is human and she can be weak.
With her we ask God for strength.

We pray for mothers who are still learning to be good mothers. For they too struggle to be loving.
With her we ask God for understanding.

We thank God for mothers and we ask for blessings on them with Mary our Mother:
Hail Mary ...... "

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