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My Grief (On My Mother's Passing Away) by Shienta Aswin

In my grief
You are the breeze
touching my face, stroking my hair
making the twigs move the leaves
and the flowers sway
accompanying me
remembering my mom

In my grief
You are the trickling water
offering coolness and clarity
for my tired mind
having looked for answers
Why did all this happen?

In my grief
You are the blue sky
Adorned by the rainbow
Reminds me of hope
And Your promise
That You are always with me
Taking care of and loving me,
Moreover, after my mom’s departure

In my grief
I find You
in my being fragile and trying to be strong
in the presence and greetings of
my brothers and sisters
among tears and thank-yous,
because of having supported and comforted me

I love You,
I am grateful to You
for Your blessings
through my grief

Jakarta, October 2005

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