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It's one of my paper in IFRS, about Women in Religions.

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Dear Nyguyen A Quan,


Greetings! I read your paper with interest.  Are you interested in exploring this topic further?  Then perhaps you can do an online course at the Catherine of Siena Virtual College.  Go to the website and check out the courses on Women Ministries in the Church.  The website is, click on the Academic courses and you can see the different courses offered. 


You can get a scholarship as well if you are interested.  Courses are 5 to 8 weeks long and begin in January, April, July and October each year. Let me know.





Dear Virginia,

Sorry for long time not reply. I was busy with my studying and this term is so hard. So I forgot your letter, sorry. I've just finished one final paper for Ms Lilith Usog (I think you know her), my Feminist Theology. I would like to show it to you when it is gotten through by Ms Lilith.

I am really happy and I appreciate for your concern. I am also impressive with the website you suggested. I've known it before, but I did not notice the Academic. Most of them are the subjects I like and I wish I knew them before. But the problem is this school year is my last year and I have to prepare my thesis. Moreover, Saturday is the most hard day a week: I have a whole day class. So pity for me, I cannot study more. But I am really interesting in this sphere. And I think I can trust on your help as soon as I have time, Virginia. I will join these classes

 Thank sincerely again

I pray for you and your family, and your works for a new future for our sisters and mothers in our Asia.

God bless



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