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this poem was written by me when I was only 15 yrs old.

Nothing seems to have changed since then !

please pray for me!

Once I heard a little bird sing

Why does man on his way bring

A trap, just to catch me…..?

I am small and waiting still

To spread my wings….

But why ………

Do I have to pay a bill?



This little bird’s cry I heard

And thought that life is smeared

With man’s indifference…..

Just as I always feared

It’s life ,

similar to mine

Was not mere coincidence



Please , O  please , have mercy

Give me freedom

And let me fly…..

High like an eagle


uses the worst of storms 

To go higher into the sky.



Peace …yes …that’s the word –

Peace between ….you and me

Put me not in a cage

Like that little bird who

Despite the wings

Could not fly



But help me make storm my chariot

To go higher into the sky !



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