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Flowering junior sisters in Sabah

More fascinating than the Rafflesia is
Wisdom travelling from the rising East-within is
Star dust taking time to fashion...
Since novitiate, they have grown from
'What should I say?' to 'This is what I am saying.'
Faint belief now centring inward towards the core secure
Wrappings opening
Styrofoam protect discarding
Fragrance of the fruits of grace emitting
Bunga to Tarab and Durians*
Sabahans have to discern their local flavours
From its native soil she must mould
her own place as the Crib for the Presence
The gold of self through the alchemy of community
The frankincense of healing from conditioned shamed to gracious confidence
The myrrh of leadership burning as a rising spirit of praise
Sisters, we are called to a magnanimous humility to embrace the epiphany
let us justly enthrone this new born king
as our hearts tenderise while bowing low to worship...
Cease not the dream of a new founding
Stifle not the young heart burning
Quantum the leap to a fresh road paving
to never, never return the same
*Bunga means flower in Bahasa Malaysia
Tarab is a fruit that belongs to the family of Nangka and Jackfruit
Durians is the king of fruits in South East Asia
Julia, ij
Christmas 2012

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