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Just returned from Myanmar
a changing Myanmar
with higher traffic volume
with longer queues at the immigration
People wait and see
while more are eating out
cars are selling like hot cakes
property has increased 5 times
on a stronger Myanmar chad
than the US dollar
Yangon celebrated her 100 year old Cathedral
the one just next to the dilapidated La Salle St Paul 
with hope, with fervent, with Aung San Sui Kyi as guest
with fine dinning from the Trader's Hotel
Teacher trainees are freer to speak of freedom
the consciousness of rights has heightened
nuns were being raped
an orphanage being bombed 
because they are different
just being a different tribe
religious in training are growing
as plants reaches out to the sun
to blossom 
to smile
to an awakening
The days ended at the Buddhist monastery
for a whole day of waking up in meditation
awaking the quiet depth deep down
rising from the dying of the everyday mud
to release the petals of our lotus beauty
Soon God will wake from birth as a child
soon we shall wake in God as children
soon we shall celebrate 
as flowers in one garden
as dust of one universe
soon...will be Christmas...
very soon...

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