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Dear Friends,

The Vatican's declaration that the attempts to ordain women and those associated with such ordinations will now be considered a grave crime on par with that of paedophilia by clerics in the Church is one of the biggest insults to women - further degrading women's dignity in the Church.

We do not need to discuss here about why we are convinced that women can be priests.

Women around the world are appalled and shocked that the Vatican could do this to us.
Erin Saiz Hanna, executive director of the Women's Ordination Conference, founded in 1975 to promote the ordination of women as
Catholic priests, deacons and bishops called the decision "appalling, offensive and a wake-up call
for all Catholics around the world."

"The idea that a woman seeking to spread the message of God somehow 'defiles' the Eucharist reveals an antiquated, backwards church that still views women as 'unclean' and unholy," she said in a news release.

Maureen Dowd in the New York Times points out to how the Vatican would rather protect the priests guilty of the horrible crime of paedophelia but not priests who attempt to ordain women - she says "Th";) repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent; width: 25px; height: 29px; cursor: pointer;" title="Lookup Word" id="nytd_selection_button_wordReference" class="nytd_selection_button">e caustic document did not issue a zero-tolerance policy to defrock priests after they are found guilty of pedophilia; but Clerics who attempt to ordain women can now be defrocked."

Maureen continues "Letting women be priests — which should be seen as a way to help cleanse the church and move it beyond its infantilized and defensive state — is now on the list of awful sins right next to pedophilia,
heresy, apostasy and schism."

There are a number of men who support the issue of women's ordination and have spoken out against the Vatican stand.

It is time for women to raise their voices in greater numbers, especially women in Asia.

Your comments and suggestions on actions that we could take are welcome.

Please reply to this post if you feel strongly on this issue.

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