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It's Advent again.
Waiting for parousia.
Waiting for the Savior, the anointed One.
A Savior came
Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ
2016 years ago
And left us a way of love
A way of life.

He said Love one another
He said our holiness must go
beyond that of the priests and Pharisees
He said not everyone who calls
God Lord is worthy of the Kingdom
He said Love one another.

Still we miss the point
Lost in translation
Lost in laws and rules
Lost in rituals
Lost in religion
Jesus of Nazareth said
Love one another.

An angel came and said
Stop looking up in the heavens
Jesus, has risen
And His Spirit, God's Spirit
Has made his dwelling among us
In each of us.

Jesus is God in us
God among us
Still waiting?
Waiting for when we fully
Grasp EmmanuEl
God is here
God is now
God is US manifest
Love in us.
Spirit in us.
Christ Presence is here.
Waiting in us
To be made manifest.
Love one another.

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